Things that can cause septic systems to fail

  1. Garbage Disposal- the septic system is not a garbage disposal system. What you may have been throwing in the toilet or putting in the sink garbage disposal with your city sewage system may be wrong for your septic system.
  2. Major Leaks & High water demand appliances
  3. Hot Tubs
  4. Improper Design and /or Installation
  5. Non septic safe chemicals and toxins


Major warning signs you may need your septic pumped by a professional:

  1. Foul odors are one of the biggest red flags that your septic tank isn’t performing the way it should be. These odors will be noticed coming from the drains, watch out for are the smells of rotten eggs or sewage; this is actually the smell of methane gas seeping through your septic system. This is a clear sign your septic is not draining properly and involves septic pumping service.
  2. Do you have super slow draining toilets or drains? This can also be a sign that your septic tank is failing. It can mean that they are filled to the brim and need to be drained or that there is damage in the pipes. If you hear a gurgling sound coming from the drains it often indicates that the waste and water isn’t flowing as freely as it should be.
  3. A damp area around your septic tank shows that there is leakage from the tanks and it’s giving off too much moisture. It can mean that the leach filed lines are too full or that there are leaks or damage.

Why maintain your septic system

  • Keeps you and your neighbors healthy & safe from ground water contamination
  • Protects your property value



Your toilet and your sink are not trash cans, never flush or was down the drain

  • Cooking oil/grease
  • Cat litter
  • Paper towels
  • Diapers
  • Coffee grounds
  • Cigarettes
  • Feminine hygiene products
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Condoms
  • Paint/Paint thinners


One of the biggest questions we get is “I don't know where my septic tank is located. How can I find it?” Most new septic systems have access lids that are visible at or just above ground level. Some older systems can be located by finding an area of the yard that grows faster and is greener than the rest of the yard or possibly an area with less growth. If there is no visible sign of where the tank is located, we can do that dirty work for you, after all that is what you pay us for right! If your septic tank does not have access


lids at or above ground level, we strongly suggest having them installed as this makes it easier to locate for the next service and also make our job go a little faster. Buying or selling your home? We can also inspect and certify your septic system to make that buying/selling process a little easier.